Mehab costs just a fraction of formal therapy. Where many people pay $30-60 per SESSION, Mehab costs just $9.99 per MONTH with unlimited sessions. Best of all you can cancel any time!

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We have over 120 protocols, each specifically designed for a particular issue. We highly recommend you get an accurate diagnosis BEFORE using Mehab. Feel free to print a Quick Referral Card from the “Physician” page and take it to your healthcare provider.

The reality is that compliance to a home program is the key to recovery regardless of recieving “hands on” treatment. As much as our CEO, a physcial therapist himself, would like to think he is vital to recovery, research does not support that belief. In most cases a structured home program designed by medical professionals produces the SAME outcomes.

Mehab is compatible with most Apple and Android smartphones and most tablets. We have tried to be compatible with older builds of iOS and Android. If you are having an issue please contact us.

Under your “My Reports” section there is a button displaying the number of days left on your current subscription. Select and hold that button to open the cancel option.

Cancelling a subscription to a protocol only stops the auto-recurring charge. You will still have access for the remainder of the 30 days.

Research has shown that in most cases a medically designed home exercise program produces the same outcomes as formal therapy.  

If you are fortunate enough to have the free time and coverage for formal care then by all means do it. Mehab is for users that have limited ability to attend formal care due to cost, time, coverage, geographic isolation, transportation or physical limitations, or are going to rehab themselves anyways. We wanted to provide the best and safest alternative to formal therapy.

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