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Thank you for coming to this page. My aim here is to provide some additional information for physical therapists/physiotherapists, address some of the main questions I get from fellow providers, explain how important you are to the next phase of Mehab, and how we plan to integrate you into our user’s care.

The reality is that these types of services are coming, and with that being said I believe that is vital that it is members of our profession that claim our place in this industry with regard to ownership, setting the standards for these services, and integrating ourselves and our skills into the continuum of care for these users.

I hope that you take the time to full read the information below.

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wILL this take patients away from me?

The short answer is ABSOLUTELY NOT!

This is however often a gut reaction when therapists first learn about Mehab. I think the most important thing to remember is that the patients that come through our doors have already been "vetted". They have survived the "Get-To-Us Gauntlet" which I have diagrammed below. There are so many barriers getting patient to the us, that a vast majority of patients that need our services never make it.

Patients that have the insurance coverage, the resources, and the time will continue to come to our doors as they currently do. Complex patients with comorbidities, or special needs will still require "formal" therapy.


Technology is already impacting so many industries including medicine, and it has begun infiltrating our profession. This can bring a lot of fear regarding job security and concern for our patients. I do not see that but rather the opportunity to expand our services, generate additional revenue, and make a larger impact.

As I stated at the beginning, this is coming to our field and rather than dig my heels in and resist against it, I believe that is far better for our profession to use these services to improve the care we provide, and utilize it to impact the large majority of patients that could benefit from our services who for various reasons can not make it to our door.

Resistance to advancements in any profession can lead to the exclusion from how a profession services are integrated, or even complete exclusion of them. We should look to how we can be integrated into the services and where we can add the most value for users and ourselves.



Mehab has an exclusive, patent pending safety alert system that looks a a number of variables from user entered data taken throughout the programs, and analyzes that information for indications of potential problems and alerts the user.

During the purchase of a protocol a user will select a local physical therapist /clinic to be their remote monitoring site. If a user is alerted of a potential issue, the remote monitoring site will also receive that alert. This allows the monitoring physical therapist with the patient to determine if that patient would benefit from an in-person appointment, can be managed via a tele-health conference, or requires immediate referral.

Physical therapists will have access to a large population of patients that need our services, but for any number of reasons never make it to our doors. be compensated for their tele-health services, and

we need you!

We are in process of building the next version of Mehab, and we need physical therapists all over the world!

Our new version, as mentioned above, includes the ability to select a remote monitoring site if user receives a safety alert.
We are soon going to be looking for both individual physical therapists, and clinics to include in our remote monitoring site database. Here are some of the advantages of being a remote monitor site or therapists.

There are a number of benefits to becoming a remote monitor such as it will provide access to "unvetted" patients, increase your geographical reach, potentially gain additional "in-person" visits (if indicated), generate additional revenue from "tele-health" appointments, plus much more...

We are still a determining the best way to roll out the remote monitoring features, the tele-health services and all the logistical challenges surrounding payment for your services etc. Regardless of what the decisions are we definitely need physical therapists, and physical therapists input.

It is important to remember that this is a tool for patients AND for physical therapists. It must be beneficial for both, and feedback is incredibly important to the evolution of Mehab its features and functions for everyone.

If you would like to be notified when the newest version is ready, and would like to potentially be a remote monitor or monitoring clinic for Mehab please complete the submission form below. ​


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