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A Trusted Resource

a physical therapy alternative

A safe and trusted app that provides self-directed, evidence-based protocols, built by medical professionals, at a fraction of the cost of formal physical therapy.

OVER 125 PRotocols & Growing


Safer Option

Mehab surpasses the typical options of a outdated handout or referral to a video on the internet.

Patent pending built-in safety triggers, exclusive to Mehab, identify potential problems early, and alert the patient. 

Mehab provides incremental exercise progressions, with controlled loading strategies based upon tissue healing times.

We are the new gold standard for home exercise programs. 

A Trusted Resource

Finally a resource you can trust. Our protocols are reviewed and designed by licensed physicians and physical therapists. 

We evaluate new research and update our protocols accordingly, ensuring that your patients are getting the best information available.

No more guessing if the information can be trusted. You have enough to do, so we stay on top of rehab. research so you don’t have too.

Mehab is the #1 trusted resource for self-directed rehabilitation.

Low-Cost Option

Healthcare costs continue to rise and coverage continues to decrease. It is not unusual to see patient’s responsible for $30 -$60 per session. It is unreasonable to expect someone to attend formal care several times a week.

Mehab provides a trusted and comprehensive low-cost alternative. Research shows that self-treatment provides same outcomes as formal care for most musculoskeletal issues, and at a fraction of the cost. 

Mehab saves up to 97%! It is the best alternative to formal rehabilitation.


With Mehab’s simple graphical “My Report” screen, you can see your patients general status in an instant.

Mehab tracks and graphs program compliance, daily pain levels, and weekly functional status. At a glance you can see adherence to their program, and how far they are through the protocol.

Get a quick and simple overview of your patients general progress at every visit. Quickly identify any potential areas of concern.


Save Time

Mehab saves you time by providing a simple and quick solution for providing home rehabilitation protocols to your patients.

No more referring to the internet, giving outdated printouts, or trying to explain exercises and progressions in 2 minutes.

Use Mehab’s Quick Referral Card (QRC) to select your recommended program.

Simply hand the referral card to your patient, and that’s it. Mehab will handle the rest.


To make it as easy as possible for you and your patients, Mehab has provided Quick Referral Cards (QRC’s) for you to use. QRC’s list the most common diagnoses by body area. If you do not see the diagnosis you want in our list, we have provided a custom entry space on the QRC for you. We have many protocols available within our app not listed on the QRC. To see a sample and options for you to receive your complimentary QRC’s, please click the button below.

Physical Therapy



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Rotator Cuff Repair


$ 1440 Total Patient Cost
  • Length of Treatment: 16 weeks
  • Home Exercise Required: YES
  • Sessions: 3 x week
  • Cost: $30 per VISIT
  • Monthly Cost: $360
  • Outcome: Same as MEHAB



$ 40 Total Patient Cost
  • Length of Treatment: 16 weeks
  • Home Exercise Required: YES
  • Sessions: Unlimited
  • Cost: $2.50 per WEEK
  • Monthly Cost: $9.99
  • Outcome: Same as FORMAL

*Assumes $30 cost per session. Some costs may be lower. Most will be higher.


Identifies potential problems early

Patent pending safety alerts analyze your data to detect any potential issues.

Tracks progress

Your daily pain levels, weekly functional status, and adherence levels are recorded.

Video demonstration of exercises

All our exercises include a brief video demonstration to help you do it right.

Exercise reminders

Set reminders to do your exercises at times that work for you. We work around your schedule.

Detailed instructions

Each exercise includes written instruction, including sets, repetitions, frequency, and weight.


All your progress is displayed for you in a simple report screen to see how you are progressing.

Send your report


Fax a copy of your current report directly to your healthcare provider from within the app.

Chat or Video Consult


If you have a question chat, talk or video with a healthcare provider immediately.


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