I would like to take 30 seconds to tell you a story, about healthcare and how I used to think I was important, how that all changed, and why I built Mehab. See I’m a physical therapist. I've had my own practice for over 7 years, and I spent a lot of years learning about the body, how to perform hands-on skills and also how important I was to recovery. But then healthcare started to change.

Over the years, I have steadily seen the financial burden of care shift heavily to the patients. Costs that were once $5 - 10 per session have ballooned to $30 -70 per visits, and often deductibles from $2500 - 10,000. A cost that very few people can bear, including myself. How can I expect a patient to attend therapy? Patients with high copay or deductible, or benefit restrictions were either not able attend formal therapy with any regularity or just never made it to us at all and fell through the cracks. After speaking to a number of physicians and orthopedic surgeons, I found that most patients received less than 1 minute of instruction, if possible, or were sent to the web and left to essentially their own devices. There were no safe and trusted resources for patients or physicians.

I found myself having to spread patient visits out to attending 1 time every week or two. I was sure that without my expert hands on care patients’ recovery would be slow, and suboptimal, and I was…. wrong! How could that be? I am vital to recovery. They told me I was.

I went to the research to see what it said, and talk about a reality check. It’s conclusion, structured home exercise program designed by medical professionals, in most cases, provides the same outcomes as supervised physical therapy". So, I put it to a real-life test in my clinic. I virtually eliminated any hands-on treatment, focused on patient education, and provided a structured program, and the results we fantastic. Patients got better, and in most cases faster. They became empowered to be in control of their recovery, and that was the “ah-ha” moment that sparked Mehab.

Mehab is the safest, and most trusted resource for self-directed physical therapy. It was built using the latest research by actual medical professionals. It has multiple safety features including our patent pending safety alert systems that detects any potential problems early, and instructs the user to contact their health care provider.

Mehab provides incredible accessibility to virtually any user in any location at any time, and all at a fraction of the cost of formal therapy. For example, patient cost for a standard rotator cuff repair, assuming they have a $30 copay, would be $1440, and significantly more for you, the insurance company. The same injury using Mehab, $40. Same outcomes, and all the convenience.

Orthopedic Specialist
Glynn Hunt


High Costs

Healthcare costs continue to rise either with copayment or high deductibles. It is not unusual to see patient’s costs of $30, $40, or $50 per session, putting formal therapy out of reach. Mehab is the best alternative to formal care, and is available at a fraction of the cost.

Coverage Limitations

If a patient is fortunate enough to have a relatively low cost per therapy session, sometimes it can result in minimal coverage. Coverage limits can severely limit the number of visits permitted and in some cases no coverage at all.. 

Time Constraints

Time is our most valuable commodity, and schedules  are very busy. Many patients just don’t have time between work, family and everything else to make it to formal therapy. Mehab offers incredible convenience without a commute.

Geographic Location

Geographic location can limit access to a formal therapy clinic. Clinics may be not be in a reasonable distance to attend. Mehab allows patients to therapy anywhere, anytime.

Transportation Limits

Reliable transportation for travel to formal therapy can greatly impact a patient’s access to care. Unfortunately not everyone has the luxury of a personal car, and are either left with public transportation or the kindness of a friend. Mehab eliminates the need for transportation providing access to everyone.

Mobility Restrictions

Physical mobility restrictions can reduce the ease and feasibility of a patient leaving their home for formal therapy. Whether the mobility restriction is temporary or permanent, Mehab eliminates the stress, strain and risk of travel for those with mobility limitations.

Injury Severity

The reality is that not every injury requires formal therapy, and research shows that many conditions do just as well as formal therapy. Some injuries only require simple instruction with a home exercise program, Mehab is the perfect solution in these cases.


Some patients are very self sufficient and regardless of a medical recommendation for formal physical therapy they will still look to manage it themselves searching the web. Mehab provides a safe, trusted resource built by medical professionals that provides incremental progression.


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