Over the years, as a physical therapist, I have steadily seen the financial burden of services shift heavily to patients. Costs that were once $5 - 10 per session have ballooned to $30 -70, and deductibles from $2500 - 10,000. A cost that very few people can bear, including myself.

Patients are either not able attend formal therapy with any regularity or just never made it to us at all and fell through the cracks. After speaking to a number of physicians and orthopedic surgeons, I found that most patients are essentially left to their own devices as there were no safe and trusted resources for patients or physicians.

Mehab is the safest, and most trusted resource for self-directed physical therapy. It was built using the latest research by actual medical professionals. It has multiple safety features including our patent pending safety alert system that detects and reports any potential problems early.

Mehab provides the perfect low-cost option for patients that would otherwise be unable to obtain care whether the reason is cost, access, location, transportation, mobility or time.

Mehab provides incredible accessibility to virtually any user in any location at any time, and all at a fraction of the cost of formal therapy. For example, patient cost for a standard rotator cuff repair, assuming they have a $30 copay, would be $1440, and significantly more for you, the insurance company. The same injury using Mehab, $40. Same outcomes, and all the convenience.

"a structured home exercise program designed by medical professionals, in most cases, provides the same outcomes as supervised physical therapy".

Orthopedic Specialist
Glynn Hunt

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